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Oxdog shaft lengths and hook

How long should my stick be? 

The length of the stick is highly individual, and there are several factors to consider when choosing the right length. A rule of thumb is that the stick should extend approximately 5-10 cm above the navel. It's important to note that the length specified on our website and in the list refers to the total length of the shaft without the blade. With a blade mounted on the stick, the total length increases by approximately 10-12 cm.

It's important to consider that stick length is individual, and different players may have different preferences and needs. If you're a player who shoots a lot, a longer stick might be a better choice to gain extra power and precision. On the other hand, if you're a fast and technical player who dribbles a lot, a shorter stick may provide better maneuverability and agility.

Body Lenght (cm) Shaft Lenght (cm)
< 115 < 60
115 - 125 65-70
125 - 135 71-75
135 - 145 76-79
145 - 155 80-85
155 - 165 86-90
165 - 175 91-95
175 - 180 96-100
> 180 101-104

Am I a left or right player? 

One method is to consider which side of you the stick is on when you shoot. If the stick is to the left of you and you have your right hand on top of the stick, then you are a left player. This is the most common angle and can be likened to being right-handed. If the stick is to the right of you and you have your left hand on top of the stick, then you are a right player. This is a slightly less common angle.

In summary, by identifying which hand is closest to the blade and which side of you the stick is on when you shoot, you can determine whether you need a left or right stick. This helps you choose the correct angle before buying your floorball stick/blade online.

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