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Unihoc stick models


EVOLAB is Unihoc's concept where they develop and implement the very latest in floorball equipment by pushing the boundaries as far as physically possible. These sticks have Unihoc reduced the weight in all components as far as possible, resulting in the world's lightest floorball stick.

This floorball stick weighs only about 165-170 grams in 96 cm. The shaft has a flex of 26 mm and is made of 100% lightweight carbon fiber. At the top of the stick is a new thin knob weighing only 3.4 grams. The grip tape is also one of the lightest on the market.

This is Unihoc's absolute top stick and something all floorball players should consider.

The stick is available in lengths of 96, 100, 104 cm and flex 26 and 29.


Unihoc's second lightest floorball stick. A stick with extremely good balance. This model is available in a variety of shaft variants. This makes the stick available to many different players. You can buy this stick series as curve, oval, round and extra thin shafts.

The shafts are made of 100% lightweight carbon fiber. Just like on EVOLAB, there is a lightweight grip tape with good grip on the stick. In this stick series, there are two different blades on the sticks; UNILITE and EPIC which are bestsellers at Unihoc.

UNILITE, the world's lightest blade, has a clearly marked step between the outer frame and the playing surface, providing perfect ball control and improved shots. A blade that delivers in all aspects of the game.

EPIC is a well-equipped floorball blade with stylish design combined with really good playing characteristics. The frame has a classic Unihoc shape and with its clear step between the frame and the ribs, the blade offers fantastic ball control and quick release in the shot moment. A floorball blade for those who like to shoot.

The stick is available from 87 to 104 centimeters.

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Unihoc's SUPERSKIN series is equipped with their SBT shaft system which aims to give you a wide range of options where you can choose your own perfectly balanced stick in all weight categories without sacrificing stability, strength, and quality. All you need to do is decide whether you prefer MID-, REGULAR-, PRO- or MAX as shaft model. The stick series is available in lengths from 83 to 104 centimeters.

Below is information about the different sticks:

Superskin Composite - 5% carbon fiber / 95% fiberglass Unihoc's entry-level model in the Superskin series, designed to suit junior players.

Superskin MID - 40% carbon fiber / 60% fiberglass A good alternative for junior players that is slightly more balanced. This stick is neither too light nor too heavy.

Superskin REG - 80% carbon fiber / 20% fiberglass The best seller in Unihoc's collection and used by many of the best players in SSL. Lightweight and durable stick, where a shaft of 96 cm including blade only weighs about 220 grams.

Superskin PRO - 95% carbon fiber / 5% fiberglass Here Unihoc has taken it a step further in the pursuit of the perfect stick. With 95% carbon fiber, this stick is very light but with an amazing feel and ball control. Not surprisingly, this has become a new favorite stick among top players in SSL.

Superskin SLIM - 95% carbon fiber / 5% fiberglass Exactly the same shaft material as PRO, but here they have chosen to reduce the diameter to 23.8 mm, which gives a slightly lower weight on the stick. The thinner grip profile makes this stick suitable for those who want a more petite feel or those with slightly smaller hands.

Superskin MAX - 100% carbon fiber The most advanced and lightest stick in the Superskin series. With its 100% carbon fiber, the stick is extremely light, 96 cm weighs only about 200 grams including blade.

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Special Series 

A stick series with unique shaft technologies that you won't find in any other Unihoc assortment. These sticks are designed for those seeking that little extra and want to experience the gaming feel on a whole new level. Here you will find, for example, the floorball stick ICONIC Curve 3.0º 26 White/Turquoise which is available in lengths of 96 cm and 100 cm.

Prodigy Performance Concept 

Unihoc's stick range for the youngest players. The series offers a wide selection of lengths and blade models that suit future stars. At Innebandy24 you will find the junior sticks UNILITE PRODIGY 36 Black/Blue in 70, 75 and 80 cm and EPIC PRODIGY 32 Black/Neon Orange in 83, 87 and 92 cm.

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